May 6 – May 21: Lectures and Concerts in Westchester

A series of lectures and concerts at the Scarsdale, Mamaroneck and Bronxville Adult Schools.

The musical forms
1st Class: The Development of the Sonata
(Scarsdale May 6, 7-9pm – Mamaroneck May 7, 4-6pm – Bronxville May 7, 7-9pm)

2nd Class: The Fugue and the Symphony
(Scarsdale May 13, 7-9pm – Mamaroneck May 14, 4-6pm – Bronxville May 14, 7-9pm)

3rd Class: The free Romantic Forms
(Scarsdale May 20, 7-9pm – Mamaroneck May 21, 4-6pm – Bronxville May 21, 7-9pm)

For more information please check the “upcoming concerts” page